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When my mother, Teresa Fitzpatrick spent her last days in Galway Hospice in September 2016, I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to do something to support the work of the Hospice. During my mothers time in the Hospice I saw first hand the kindness shown to her and the other patients. It was my mum's time and as sad and upsetting as that time was, I couldn't have wished for a better place for her to spend her final days. The idea of the Pledge Watch came from a TV show I had seen and I liked the idea of a watch that showed support for a cause. A way of wearing your heart on your sleve type of thing. I saw them as the evolution of the charity band.


The Pledge Watch is a bright colourful silicone gel watch that has a range of interchangeable straps that you can use to coordinate your look. So you are both charitable and chic with one fell swoop. Each watch allows the wearer to talk about a cause that matters to them. I think the watches may not be your everyday watch, for example our Breast Cancer Awareness watch could be worn in October which is traditionally their month. A watch may be worn on an Anniversary of someone we love and miss. I wear mine everyday, but to each their own.


Now there are several Irish causes that have their unique watch faces - each allowing the wearer to proudly declare their appreciation for the work done by the causes. Already there are Pledge Watches for the Galway Hospice, Pieta House, Irish Autism Action, the Marie Keating Foundation and the DSPCA with specific designs for each cause.


These colours are:

Amber yellow watch with sunflower dial is Galway Hospice.

Brilliant rose pink watch with pink ribbon dial is Marie Keating Foundation.

Light tiffany blue watch with colourful stripes is Pieta House.

Egyptian blue watch with stars is Irish Autism Action.

Ebony black watch with cats and dogs on dial is Dublin Society of Prevention to Animals.

Every time a Pledge Watch is bought, not only is €5 being donated to the cause, but by wearing the watch, you are carrying the message around with you every day, remembering those who have benefited from it, and encouraging others to support the great works. The Pledge Watch is a lightweight, funky timepiece that can be changed to suit your moods or your wardrobe. Time has an unusual way of showing us what really matters. The Pledge Watch is a fashionable way to remember.


I have a graphic design business (Bullet Design) in Galway, and became my own best customer, designing the concept, the look, and the feel of the watches, bright bold, solid colour, funky fashion and comfort.

Order your Pledge Watch now and help the causes closest to your heart. Pledge Watches cost €39.95 and they are delivered Free Worldwide.



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Pledge Watches - c/o Bullet Design, College Road, Galway. H91WEW8, Ireland.

Phone: 091 562929

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